International Computer Driving License (ICDL) (CDL611)

ICDL Foundation is the certifying authority of the leading international computer skills certification programme – ECDL / ICDL*. The quality and reputation of our certification programmes are built on over a decade of experience in successfully delivering ICT certification programmes to millions of people in various languages around the world.


Programme Content:

Module 01
• Identify parts of the Computer
• Identify types of Computers
• Hardware and Software
• Networks and their components
• Security, Copyrights and privacy issues

Module 02
• Understand the basic concepts of files, folders and disks
• Managing a filling system using Windows XP
• Customizing the Computer e.g. backgrounds, screensavers and Appearances
• Use WordPad to create, save and print a file.

Module 03
• Using MS Word
• Create and Edit documents
• Copy and Move text.
• Formatting of Documents
• Tables
• Mail Merge

Module 04
• Using MS Excel
• Create and Edit a Spreadsheet
• Copy and Move text
• Formatting of Spreadsheets
• Formula and Functions
• Charts

Module 05
• Using MS Access
• Database Fundamentals
• Create Tables
• Create a Basic Form
• Create and Manage Queries and Reports

Module 06
• Using MS PowerPoint
• Create and Edit slides
• Work with Templates, Slide Master and Colour Schemes
• Inserting Tables, Charts and Organizational Charts
• Create and run a Slide Show

Module 07
• Using MS Explorer
• Search Techniques
• Retrieving Information from the internet.
• Downloading Programs from the internet
• Create and manage E-Mail Messages
• Attaching files to an E-Mail Message.
• Managing the Address Book

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