Microsoft Unlimited Potential (POETA) (MUP601)

Microsoft Unlimited Potential (MUP) / POETA

Partnership in Opportunities for Employment through Technology in the Americas, POETA, seeks to provide marginalized populations with job-ready Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills. POETA’s mission focuses on depth, with comprehensive training programs and includes substantial job-readiness skills training. POETA program graduates acquire ICT skills in a range of employable disciplines that assist in their empowerment and improving their employability.


Prerequisites: Basic computer and keyboarding skills recommended


Programme Content:

Module 01

  • Basic concepts of IT
  • History of Computers and there movement
  • Hardware and Software
  • Networked Computers
  • Security and Copyrights

Module 02

  • Understanding the windows environment
  • Using computer systems proficiently (Windows)
  • Running programmes.

Module 03

  • Using MS Word
  • Create and Edit documents
  • Formatting of Documents

Module 04

  • Using MS Excel
  • Create and Edit a Spreadsheet
  • Formatting of Spreadsheets
  • Formula and Functions

Module 05

  • Using MS PowerPoint
  • Create and Edit slides
  • Create and run a Slide Show

Module 06

  • Using a web browser
  • Search Techniques
  • Retrieving Information from the internet.
  • Attaching files to an E-Mail Message.

Module 07

  • Learning creative writing
  • Improving typing skills
  • Job Readiness


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Microsoft Unlimited Potential

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