Web Design/Ecommerce (WDE301)

This course provides a user with the fundamentals of analyzing, designing and building an E-Commerce website. The course is taught from the viewpoint of a web developer working with a small business client and covers such topics as proposals, contracts & site design.



Introduction to HTML
○ What is HTML?
○ HTML Tags
○ HTML Documents
○ Basic Site
○ Elements, Attributes, heading, Paragraph, links, formatting, fonts images.
● Layouts
○ Designs
○ Coding, Scripts
○ CSS coding, Links and construction
● Photoshop/GIMP (Image manipulation)
○ Cropping
○ Cloning
○ Restoring
○ Optimizing


○ What is PHP?, what is the use of PHP?, how PHP is used and what is it used for?
○ Command, Structure and links
○ Discuss forms, the usefulness of form and how they better utilized by PHP.
○ Installations
Language Reference
○ Basic syntax, types, variables, operator constants and controll structures
○ Namespaces
○ Predefined exceptions
○ Working with data
○ PHP and HTML
○ Working with DATA


○ What is Mysql?
○ Database , type of database, about database
○ About Mysql, the reason, type of syntax
○ Installation
○ Mysql Structures, syntax and execution
○ Commands Structures
○ Various Joins
○ Union, keys
○ SQL functions


○ What is JavaScript?
○ How it’s used?
○ The importance of JavaScript and where it’s implemented?
○ The Syntax
○ The structure and creation of functions
○ Use and calling of elements for html.
Creating of file and setting up the file structure to be used by various files

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